The most relevant projects executed by Recom Sid in the last 3 years:

1. For SC ArcelorMittal Hunedoara SA
   1.1. Assembly for carbon blast into the EBT furnace installation
      - assembly carbon supply hoppers
      - assembly carbon blast pipes
      - assembly compressor station
      - assembly methane supply station
      - assembly methane routing
      - assembly oxygen supply station
      - assembly oxygen blast routes
      - assembly for carbon, gas, and oxygen blowing injectors
      - assembly thermal protection slag discharge channel

   1.2. Continuous discharge heating furnace modernization
      - execution and assembly for the furnace metallic structure
      - execution and assembly cooling water network
      - execution and assembly pipe for the heat recovering and waste gas installation
      - assembly for methane gas and hot air routes, including burners

    1.3. Blooming Mill modernization
   1.3.1. Cooling bed assembly
      - assembly supply roll train
      - assembly deflector
      - assembly braking gear
      - assembly bed supply walking mechanism
      - assembly profiles dumping mechanism
      - assembly slanting rolls
      - assembly bed evacuation walking mechanism
      - assembly bed evacuation roll train
      - assembly Vaseline lubrication system
      - assembly lubrication installation with oil film

   1.3.2. Grouping bed assembly
      - assembly bed supply roll train
      - assembly bed supply system
      - assembly profile grouping walking mechanism
      - assembly bed evacuation mechanism
      - assembly bed evacuation train
      - assembly hydraulic operation system
      - assembly Vaseline lubrication system
   1.3.3. Transfer bed assembly
      - assembly bed supply roller table
      - assembly bed metallic structure
      - assembly transfer cable guiding rolls system
      - assembly cable transfer operation mechanism
      - assembly evacuation roller table
      - assembly access stairs, walkways, and platforms on the bed
      - assembly buffers
      - assembly Vaseline lubrication system
      - assembly photoelectric cells

   1.3.4. Continuous mill assembly
      - assembly horizontal rolling mills
      - assembly vertical rolling mills
      - assembly universal rolling mills
      - assembly shears
      - assembly rolling mills and shears operation mechanisms (reduction gears and engines)
      - assembly quick change mechanism
      - assembly robots for roll cylinders change

   1.3.5. Hydraulic installation
      - assembly pump station
      - assembly hydraulic pipes routing
      - assembly hydraulic cylinders for roll stands operation
      - assembly hydraulic cylinders for quick change
      - assembly hydraulic distributors

   1.3.6. Electrical installation
   - assembly cable beds
   - assembly and cable drawing
   - assembly command boards
   - assembly electrical equipment boards
   - executed connections
   - assembly earthing belts

   1.3.7. Executed catwalk, control rooms, and control stations
      - execution and assembly metallic structure, stairs, handrails
      - execution control rooms made from insulation panels with double glazing windows and doors
      - execution and assembly control stations (metallic structure, stairs, platforms and catwalks, insulation panels closings, command boards).

   2. SC TMK Resita SA

      2.1. Execution and assembly for secondary gasses absorption at the electrical furnace and the gasses transportation pipe to the dedusting installation
      - execution metallic structure for gasses suction hood
      - execution metallic structure for the gasses transportation pipe toward dedusting
      - disassembly of old hood and pipes on the hall rooftop
      - disassembly hall roof
      - assembly hood and new absorption pipes on the hall rooftop
      - executed connection to the dedusting installation
      - redone the hall roof

   2.2. Electrical installation general overhaul for the 250 t Travelling Crane
      - replaced electrical cables
      - replaced control boards
      - executed connections
      - replaced resistor blocks
      - replaced automatic controllers
      - replaced safety elements

   3. SC DUCTIL STEEL SA - Otelu Rosu
      3.1. Execution and assembly Secondary Gases suction hood for the electrical furnace
      - manufactured hood metallic structure
      - disassembly hall roof in the suction hood area
      - assembly suction hood metallic structure
      - redone hall roof
      - suction hood sealing

   3.2. Assembly COSS installation (preheating the scrap iron)
      - assembly metallic structure
      - assembly hydraulic station
      - assembly hydraulic installation
      - assembly walls armature
      - assembly cooled piping for waste gasses

      3.3. Execution and assembly control stations
      - execution and assembly metallic structure
      - assembly insulating walls
      - assembly control boards
      - assembly joinery (secured doors and windows)

      3.4. Execution and Assembly Platform around the Electric Furnace
      - manufactured and assembled poles, beams, and metallic panels
      - disassembled old platform

      3.5. Executed and assembled cooled piping for primary gasses absorption
      - manufactured and transported cooled pipes sections
      - manufactured and transported metallic structure for supporting cooled piping
      - assembly metallic structure for supporting the cooled piping
      - manufactured and assembled access walkways
      - executed connections in the post-combustion chamber

   4. SC MALPENSA SRL Timisoara

      4.1. Execution chassis and waggon boxcar ensemble EAOS
      - execution lateral and frontal walls
      - execution lateral and frontal doors, bolts, hinges
      - execution support elements
      - execution chassis
      - assembly waggon boxcar

      5.1. Execution metallic structures (levelers)

   6. HPA – Hitachi Power Europe GmbH & ALSTOM Power Systems GmbH

      6.1. Execution metallic structures for power plants building
       - executed metallic structures from Euro profiles - more than 2200 tons

   7. MAX BÖGL Stahl

      7.1. metallic structures for power plants building
   - executed metallic structures from Euro profiles and welded plates - more than 400 tons