Installation for metallic structures and repair

Erection and Repair Sector:

- Erecting metallic structure industrial halls;
- Assembling rolling beams for travelling cranes of metallic structure;
- Runways for travelling cranes, cable railroads, etc.;
- Repairing and erecting travelling cranes according to I.S.C.I.R. norms;
- Assembling technological equipment and revamping metallic structure industrial halls;
- Electric energy supply, contact lines, etc.
- Renting hoisting equipment with elevating capacities up to 25 t ;
- Repairing technological equipment and installations (reduction gears, crushers, creepers, mechanical drives, etc.);

Machinery Assembly

Electric Station - machinery and apparatus assembly

Assembly graphite and oxygen injection system in the electric furnace.
Graphite bunkers and pumps
Compressor station
Oxygen station
Natural gas station