S.C. RECOM SID S.A. Hunedoara

S.C. RECOM SID S.A. is part of the group of companies Micro Mega HD S.A. and its main fields of activity are:
- Manufacture and assembling of metallic structures and component parts;
- Installation and machinery repair (mechanical and electrical);
- Fabrication of vessels, containers, packages and other metallic goods;
- fabrication of parts for handling and hoisting tools/machinery, for ventilation and air conditioning equipment and other equipment for general use;
- Fabrication of machinery for the metal-working industry, construction industry and food industry;
- Electrical installation work;
- Construction and erection of industrial halls.

The company is organized and functioning on the decisional autonomy principle, having its own juridical identity, registered in the Hunedoara County Trade Register at no. J20/277/01.04.2002.

The total surface of the company plants is of 16400 m2, divided as follows:
- Metallic Structures Workshop (At.CM) is a hall divided into four bays, endowed with 7 traveling cranes, 3 swing cranes, with a total surface of 8.800 m2;
- Open warehouse with 2 travelling cranes, surface of 6000 m2;
- Metallurgical Repairs Workshop is a hall with one bay, endowed with 1 traveling crane, 1600 m2.

S.C. RECOM SID S.A. has 258 employees out of which 222 are blue collars. Due to the complexity of the works the company has 6 welders certified by SLV Munchen according EN 287, 2 welders certified by ISIM Timisoara, according to SR EN 287, 8 welders qualified by RINA SINTEX and 2 welding operators. The personnel in the welding activity is coordinated by 2 welding engineers certified as European Welding Engineers by the European Welding Federation (EWF).

Recom Sid has assumed the commitment to promote the standards for security, health and environment protection. We pursue to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, to take into consideration potential danger and risks, to implement prevention practices to avoid any accidents, to increase by information and training the people care and concern for the issues of work security and health.

Recom Sid has implemented and applied a Quality Management System according to the norms of ISO 9001:2008 fact that can be confirmed by the TUV Certificate no. 1210021286 TMS; is certified for the factory production control, according to SR EN 1090-1:2009; SR En 1090-1/AC:2011 by RINA SIMTEX. The activity Recom Sid deploys is also compliant to the standard ISO 3834-2:2006, fact certified by RINA SIMTEX Services SpA. We are certified by RINA Simtex for the implementation and maintenance for a Management System according to ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2008 for environmental issues and work safety. Recom Sid is also certified by AFER as railway supplier of metallic welded structures.